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The  EU Referendum

Why leave?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had an ice rink near Bath or Trowbridge!   full story

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Out voted

John Longworth spoke to the Mail on Sunday and gave a scathing indictment of both the current state of our membership in...

Posted by Leave.EU on Monday, 7 March 2016

 Stop Press

Healthy Diet Tool update 2016v13

I have completed a major update of the spreadsheet based healthy diet tool by listing the USDA Food List numbers and additions to the macro and micro nutrient list RDA have been added and a check on hydration by adding Water: Excel based Healthy Diet Tool update 2016 v13

Slow broadband

I have been advised that if you experience slow broadband to reset your BT hub. This is easy just press the Power On/Off button and press again after a short while eg. 30 seconds. I do not know whether this is a local issue or not but it does work.

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A small part of a magnificent stone wall Freshford Somerset

A Freshford wall -a masterpiece



Excel Chutney Calculator

I have produced an Excel based chutney calculator. Chutneys often have several ingredients and it is time consuming to work out the quantities required for a larger quantity than the recipe. I have allowed for the cook's pan size and for very large quanitites I have allowed for the calculation of batches. Calculator

Excel Healthy Diet Calculator

I have been using my Healthy Diet Calculator since 2008. The calculator has been published under forums Local Food and Healthy Diet: Calculator

The calculator which is a Microsoft Excel workbook will calculate your weight and whether you are eating enough food that has enough protein and fat content. The calculator will also work out how many Portions of your Five a Day a day you are getting. It is very easy to use and could be used for meal planning.

The calculator also calculates alcohol consumption in units. A pie chart provides an easy assessment of the variety of food consumed.

Freshford rainfall and Freshford Mill

Freshford Mill is situated in a flood plain. Since the floods of 2008 I have measured rainfall close by. The rainfall chart to date does not indicate more rainfall but does indicate greater variation in rainfall read more

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Freshford Somerset: an Introduction

Freshford is in 2011 a village dating back a thousand years or more.  Some of the property in the village is located in Wiltshire and some in Bath and North-East Somerset (known as BANES). This affects the choice of secondary school for parents, and splits up children who have grown up together in their primary school.

 The children should be able to continue their education together when they leave the primary school where they have grown up together.  Unfortunately, this division of Freshford between Wiltshire and Somerset (B&NES) is not the result of some recent skulduggery, yet its affects extend into the 21st Century. The ghosts continue to extend their influence into the time when people are free to use their intelligence, rather than witchcraft or be bound by land divisions created by the church, or the Normans. And guess what; it is the ghosts that rule. Why can't parents choose the nearest school to where they live? Parental Choice of School  Apart from the educational issues which are important to Freshford, the village is arguably the finest village in this part of the west country. This website includes many photographs that record the attractive nature not only of the village but also its beautiful setting. The parish website is: Freshford Village The new village shop and post office has its own website: Galleries Shop

B&NES have published an excellent appraisal of Freshford and the neighbouring hamlet of Sharpstone. Appraisal

Jobs and the EU

Geoff Edwards The jobs claimed are linked to the EU because of our exports to the EU. We import more from the EU than we export to the EU so there is no risk of job security if we leave the EU. No more than EU worker's jobs would be at risk if we leave.
The unemployment rate for EU-28 that includes the UK is 10.2% for the Euro area only it is 11.6. The UK rate for the same period was 6.1. Unemployment figures for the Euro area was over 22 million people. Source: http://ec.europa.eu/.../File:Table_2_Unemployment_rate...
The EU is hell bent on admitting Turkey, Bosnia and the Ukraine. I don't think that employment figures will improve they will be worse.
If we stay in the EU our economy will be likely to be damaged.

Like · Reply · 21 · 16 February at 21:48 · Edited

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Egils Zivtins

Egils Zivtins wrong, the South Bank study specifically identifies these jobs to membership of the EU.

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 February at 21:43

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards We are at present a member of the EU so of course the jobs are identified as EU. Can you post a reference to the study?

Like · Reply · 16 February at 21:52 · Edited

Egils Zivtins

Egils Zivtins Geoff Edwards , look it up.

Like · Reply · 1 · 17 February at 08:46

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards I have looked it up as you can't be bothered. This behaviour is typical of the IN crowd. They make assertions that are not true hoping that people won't bother to challenge them.
The study you refer to without providing details. Confirms my comment. the jobs are linked to the EU because of our exports. The study is undated but the most recent date in the document is 1999. Note the study was financed by the EU. One of the conclusions was (and of course still is) :"Exports to the EU generate jobs in the UK". The major finding is: "Our major finding is that 3,445,000 jobs in the UK depend upon exports to the EU."
If we leave the EU there is no reason why we should expect to export less to them. If fact. I have carried out a Google search using the Cite search operator and have found a recent article where Professor Iain Begg co-author of the research of the south bank study, which is properly named: "UK Jobs Dependent on the EU" has rejected any suggestion that export jobs will be lost if we leave the EU.

Like · Reply · 1 · 17 February at 14:04 · Edited

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins Geoff Edwards It's quite easy to look things up Geoff. There's far too many people on here who can't be bothered to do their own research

Like · Reply · 17 February at 16:14

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins Some are even unaware of the voting process of the EU, in such a way that they're convinced it's undemocratic. A little research on the official EU website would disprove that in an instant, but go against their "dictatorship" rhetoric. So, they don't bother

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 February at 16:16

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards Thanks Anne but it not so easy to look things up. I have a research degree and all I had to go on is "South Bank Study" mentioned by Egils. there is no such research except for a UCL Discovery reference to school of Beams . . .building syntax. Even when the document is found it has to be read. The link has to be copied and pasted into the message. I have two PC's on so I can manage research more easily.

Like · Reply · 1 · 17 February at 16:28

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins Geoff Edwards It's extremely easy to Google "EU official website". No degrees needed. Just reading skills. wink emoticon

Like · Reply · 1 · 17 February at 17:35

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins Just typed in " South bank studies on EU exports"... and found this.....https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s...

Like · Reply · 17 February at 17:40

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins Geoff Edwards Is that the one?^^

Like · Reply · 17 February at 17:42

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards Yes highly likely you would "exports" is a good keyword. However what was required was the original document so as to investigate the validity of the argument.

Like · Reply · 17 February at 17:44

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards Carole Anne Collins EU website since its so easy can you find the accounts for me?

Like · Reply · 17 February at 17:45

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins Geoff Edwards There's a link to the original document on the page

Like · Reply · 17 February at 17:47

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins The point I was making is that people are not undertaking the relatively easy task of finding out whether the anti-EU rhetoric and figures they're reading on a Brexit site, or a UKIP page, are reliable or not. Even when proven unreliable, and plain wro...See more

Like · Reply · 1 · 17 February at 17:52 · Edited

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins Geoff Edwards Just noticed your request for EU accounts. Sure, I'll do that for you....https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s...

Like · Reply · 18 February at 09:11

Carole Anne Collins

Carole Anne Collins I just googled EU accounts....

Like · Reply · 18 February at 09:11

Gwynfor Paul Tyley

Gwynfor Paul Tyley Geoff Edwards: you need to go and reread that telegraph article - you misstate the conclusion - "many of the jobs would be sustained" does not mean all the jobs would be sustained, ie "the risks become greater".

Was this just a misunderstanding or were you deliberately misconstruing the article?

Like · Reply · 18 February at 09:20

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards Carole Anne Collins glad you found it, thanks. I did last week and only found the 2009 accounts as well It's not very reassuring is it since we are now in 2016. My company accounts were overdue with Companies House because the Royal Mail lost them. I had proof, and submitted a copy of Signed for receipt to Companies House and they refused to cancel the £150 late filing civil penalty. What about the EU filing their accounts several years late?

Like · Reply · 18 February at 15:13 · Edited

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards Carole Anne Collins I cannot agree with you.There are two sources of information that we can refer to, more in the case of the OUT campaign. Taking the OUT campaign first: www.leave.eu There is a sub menu for FACTS and each of the six sections have links to detailed information. If we visit the IN campaign www.strongerin.co.uk we can also find five sections with links, unfortunately, there is only a set of "photos" that are similar to the one in this topic. There is no information to back up the claims.
They have the gall, because they can't be ignorant, to suggest that they are dispelling the myths.
People can make up their own minds by visiting both sites.

Like · Reply · 18 February at 14:53

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards Gwynfor Paul Tyley No I didn't misstate (sic) I found the article and that is what he said.Later on he said that they might be a "a bit more vulnerable". Even at present British exporters are not being able to trade wit the EU because of red tape. Your objections are dealt with if you visit www.leave.eu and get the facts.

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Nuisance phone calls beware new scam

Anyone calling from a "withheld" number offering to stop nuisance calls is a nuisance caller! If they had half a brain they would realise that "withheld" numbers are the ones that people don't answer. The people offering a "service" to stop calls for a fee, usually can do no more than TPS, which is free. They cannot stop International calls, Withheld calls, or Unavailable numbers, which are the bulk of callS these days. Those offering a unit which you can used to stop calls, again for a fee, are slightly better, but you have to watch out for hidden annual fees. There is also now a 'phone on the market, the BT6500 which, at about the same price as a call blocker, does an extremely good job of stopping the above mentioned calls, plus 10 individual numbers. With the blocked calls, the 'phone doesn't ring and they can't leave a message. source of article


Bradford on Avon town bridge video survey of traffic

The essential problem for the beautiful mediaeval market town of Bradford on Avon is the amount of traffic that goes through the town. I have filmed two minutes of traffic on a Thursday night at 9:30pm.  and also by day.  view video

A36 to A46 link road is not necessary

Once again we read mention of the A36 to A46 link road as being a solution to through traffic in the World Heritage City of Bath.  Traffic from the south coast ports will be comsiderably reduced when The Port of Bristol's  Deep Sea Container terminal (DSCT) is completed. The reason being is that it will be far cheaper to ship the containers to Bristol than transport them by road from the south coast. The full argument can be read at: complete article: A36 Link road to A46 is unnecessary  

Is it sustainable to buy non-stick pans?

Gender-bending chemicals found in non-stick pans and food packaging are linked to early menopause, scientists say.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1369366/Gender-bending-chemicals-saucepans-linked-early-menopause.html#ixzz1HWEQqAgH

I think that it is not a good idea to buy non-stick pans as they don't last very long. Once the pan is failing people usually buy another one. The existing pan is either shoved to the back of a cupboard or hopefully recycled. I decided to stick to, excuse the pun, cast iron enamelled cookware. My pride of joy is a cast iron wok from Lecreuset that has a flat bottom and so can be used on any cooker, including induction hobs. Unless I drop it, it will last for hundreds of years :)  It is expensive, costing over £100, but is a pleasure to use and will pay for itself in time.  The article in the Daily Mail is another very good reason to avoid non-stick pans. Sustainable is safe!  Geoff Edwards


Are car drivers mugs?

Looking at sustainable transport and the use of the car vs the train I have not found any reference to the fact that all public tranport is subsidised by the taxpayer. Read more

Road safety? Cyclists and the car 30 mph limit but 21 deaths in London!

London had 21 deaths in 2008 and over 350 cyclists were seriously injured. London is subject to a 30 mph limit and either that limit is ignored or more likely it does not make any difference a three quarter ton car will kill at less than 30 mph there is also a problem with HGVs seeing cyclists who are stopped at traffic lights or turning .  So what can we do? spend millions on road signs and painting the road, in London's case blue?  Read more?

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nature's response to a death

What more can we say?


Delivery Route Map to Freshford


Diesel UK £1.47 a litre diesel USA $4.12 a gallon, USA $1.09 a litre: Rip-off UK!

Using the current exchange for the GB pound and the US dollar ($1.60 =£1) we are paying £6.27 a gallon. In US dollars this would be equivalent to $10.03! (Except that one UK gallon is 1.2 US gallons.) So the USD price equivalent to what we are paying for our diesel is $8.36 a gallon. We are paying twice what US drivers pay for their fuel.  Published date 6h July 2011 Headline updated  17th march 2012 The price differential is almost constant so no updates needed

read article

Web Window

Find that book! Search Biblio.com

I have found that I can find out of print, and other books by using biblio.com. Biblio is a Worldwide service for bookselllers and book buyers Biblio enables a user to find a book that is for sale from several thousand  second hand booksellers and private sellers Worldwide.  If  I need to buy  a book then I will use Biblio to find that book.

Also, there are many books that can be bought second hand that are still in print. Save trees buy secondhand first if you can. You can also sell your own books on Biblio.com.

This may or may not be a cheap service! I paid over £45 for one book but also bought a classic technical book (dated 1949) for almost less than it cost to post from the USA -which was not expensive anyway! But if you would like to buy a book that is out of print then go for this service.

And this is for real, don't waste time! As others may be looking for the same book.




Web Window is a new column to report on what is going on somewhere on the Internet. Occasionally the space may be used to refer to an article or post on FreshfordSomerset.


 Freshford Roads: Photos & Videos

Photographs and video films of the roads and road junctions in and linking Freshford village to the A36 trunk road to Bristol and Bath and east to Warminster for the A350 linking the M4 to Poole and the channel ferries have been created by Geoff Edwards a local resident.. The A36 also provides a route to Southampton via Salisbury and the  A303 London to the West country. The road junctions which can be accessed via an interactive map of the village can be viewed here: Photographic Survey of Every Road Junction in Freshford to the A36

The video films of the roads can also be viewed here: Video Survey of Road Systems in Freshford

Horse Traffic in Rosemary Lane Freshford Somerset


www.freshfordvillage.co.uk  The official website containing Parish Council Minutes and regularly updated news
www.freshford.com A website that provides historical information about Freshford and surrounding villages and towns
www.freshfordmill.co.uk A campaign website to deter building dwellings on the Freshford Mill land

Freshford Aerial Map (courtesy of Google)


Freshford Village Forum

Traditionally, democratic decisions are made after consultation with residents by means of meetings and questionnaires. The Internet now provides a means for residents and others to discuss ideas and comment on proposals in the comfort of their own homes and at a time that suites them. Freshfordvillage website provides a forum for residents to contribute news and comments.

Introduction to Internet Forums

An Internet forum is a web application for holding discussions and posting user generated content. Internet forums are also commonly referred to as web forums, message boards, discussion boards, (electronic) discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, fora (the Latin plural) or simply forums. The terms "forum" and "board" may refer to the entire community or to a specific sub-forum dealing with a distinct topic. Messages within these sub-forums are then displayed either in chronological order or as threaded discussions.

Such forums perform a function similar to that of Usenet newsgroups and the dial-up bulletin board systems that were numerous in the 1980s and 1990s. [1] Early web-based forums such as UBB.classic date back as far as 1996. A sense of virtual community often develops around forums that have regular users. Technology, computer games and/or video games, fashion, religion, and politics are popular areas for forum themes, but there are forums for a huge number of different topics. Internet slang and image macros popular across the internet are abundant and most widely used in internet forums.

Note. The first two paragraphs above are copied from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_forum

The Freshford Forum allows residents to contribute news and ideas as well as comment on that news, ideas, and comments.

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