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How dangerous is cycling close to the royal city of Bath

How dangerous is cycling close to the royal city of Bath?

Well obviously, the cyclist is a vulnerable road user. The cyclist is a human being using a machine to move along roads and footpaths using their own power. Even a fall could mean a broken limb or worse.  When the cyclist uses the roads they are sharing the space with motorised vehicles and they have a right to do so. The Queen's highways are not meant for the exclusive use of motor vehicles they are meant for the use of all road users.  Locally, in Bath and North East Somerset and Wiltshire cyclists are now subject to an additional danger, a deliberate threat to their safety from some car drivers who deliberately threaten cyclists for no better reason than it it is fun for them to do so.

Unfortunately, this behaviour is a real threat to the safety of cyclists, it is NOT funny to use a machine weighing more than three quarters of a ton to intimidate a cyclist. I am nearly 70 and I am quite capable of cycling and in fact save some of my pension using my bike rather than my car, current rates diesel rates are 25p per mile. No doubt these cowardly motorists would be most unwilling to try to intimidate me in my 4x4 but why should I have to abandon my bike?   If this deliberate intimidating behaviour continues I hope that other cyclists and motorists will join with me in being be willing to come forward to report any aggressive behaviour to cyclists before we have a tragedy on our hands.

In the mean time, should we as cyclists have to spend more money on our personal safety buying video cameras and if so will the local police take any notice if we submit such evidence of cyclists being threatened? My evidence at present, from two attacks is the drivers of the car(s) it could be one, is that they are more likely to live  in the Trowbridge or Frome areas. They call out from their car in gorilla like language so may be they come from Longleat. But make no mistake, I am not at all amused their behaviour is really dangerous. A CAR DIVER IS DELIBERATELY DRIVING AT A CYCLIST SO WHAT IS THAT?

I will report on the second incident. The first incident was rowdy shouting as I pushed my bike up a steep hill locally. Second incident Sunday 26th June 2011 approaching the junction with Branch Road on the A36 travelling towards Warminster. From Freshford the distance is no more than about 500 m to the junction and it is downhill. I was cycling towards the junction and signalled in good time to negotiate the junction which has a Turn Right protective lane. Whilst in the lane I was overtaken by a small car with possibly 4 occupants who showered abuse upon me. The car had no right whatsoever to overtake me as I was in the Turn right lane and the car and its driver only did so to intimidate me, there was no other reason for the car to take that action as I was well out of the path of any traffic approaching from behind me. The car also forced an approaching car heading towards Bath  to take avoiding action. That car could have hit me or the overtaking car.  I had no idea whether another car was also approaching along the A36 from behind and was unable to take any action at all other than brake.



Posted on 27 Jun 2011 by Geoff Edwards
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