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Freshford Mill

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Freshford Mill Development Quality of Buildings

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I have been to the Freshford Fete today.  I suppose I was not surprised to learn that Ypres Rose the developer is generously supporting the fete. However, I saw a reminder that the new build would consist of buildings that in my opinion are not appropriate to this area of the country. The predominent building material in Somerset and Wiltshire is stone. So why are Ypres Rose allowed to build houses made of brick and block rendered walls and cedar cladding. Cedar cladding is quite popular in the United States as it is a cheap durable material. It is used on quality garden sheds but is hardly appropriate in the South West of England. The photograph below is of a garage in Sharpstone. I consider this building, even though it is a garage to be a fine building which is in harmony with its environment. It is not only a great pity that the buildings which I consider to be inferior in design at Freshford Mill have been approved by planning it also raises questions about the planning process.

Posted on 14 Jun 2008 by Geoff Edwards

Freshford Mill, Freshford Village and Wikipedia

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The following article is copied from a Google cache of the Wikipedia article for Freshford. Since the article used to read as below, it has been edited 'dumbed down' one might say (although I don't like the phrase). The alterations although on the whole good, do remove the fact that a lot of residents have spent many hours trying to deter Bath and North East Somerset and councillors from permitting the development. The argument is that what is written below is one sided and does not give the other side of recommending that the application should be permitted. I have not had any comment on why this development should have been permitted from any of those parties involved: B&NES Planning, Government Office of the South West, councillors. Ypres Rose Devlopments have also refrained from putting forth their argument for wanting to build at Freshford Mill. Of course I just may be too close to the issue and maybe many will accept the present article.

If anyone wants to edit the present Wikipedia article they are quite entitled to do so. On an earlier date the complete article section below was just removed in its entirety.

Freshford is the current development at Freshford Mill.[citation needed] For the whole of the 21st Century, Freshford and its parish council, have had to spend a great amount of time trying to stop a development at Freshford Mill that would increase the population of the village and put great stress on the local roads[citation needed]. There has been some disagreement as to whether the development now being undertaken by Ypres Rose is unwelcome[citation needed]. The facts are that 80 percent of the village objected to the development that was proposed by Southern and Counties and only 1 person was in favour (provided the transport problems could be overcome). These facts come from the Freshford Parish Council's Extraordinary Meeting of the 22nd July 2002. The document may be found with some difficulty on the BANES Planning website but is more easily found (reproduced under APPENDIX F : DEMOCRATIC CONSULTATION AND PARISH COUNCIL EXTRAORDINARY MEETING) at

The development which is in progress, is to convert a disused industrial site within a Zone 3 flood plain into a residential estate. Flood plain zones as defined by DEFRA state that Zone 3 is one of high probability of annual flooding

Posted on 03 Mar 2008 by Geoff Edwards

Flood Watch in Operation for River Frome Somerset

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A flood watch is in operation for this area: Flood Watch South West

At 5:30pm the Staples Hill route into Freshford was flooded but passible. Fortunately, the tide at Avonmouth is low at this time of the month, being a mere 11m: Tide at Avonmouth


Posted on 15 Jan 2008 by Geoff Edwards

Freshford the Flood Plain

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The three photos below were taken on Saturday the 12th January 2008 after a couple of days of steady rain. Local rainfall amounts to 65mm for January so far.

This is Mill lane just beside Freshford Mill. The morning after the swollen river Frome deposited this tree trunk weighing possibly half a ton on the road.  Further down the lane the bridge is being cleared

But is still blocked. North of the mill the photo below shows the extent of the remaining flood.

At some time in the night the river Frome occupied the whole valley. Whilst at 11:00am the water had receded. The weather had also prompted the local authority to spread salt on the roads as there was a chance of ice.

Posted on 13 Jan 2008 by Geoff Edwards

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