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Freshford Mill

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December 2013 floods

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Freshford Flood December 2013

The worst flood in 2013 happened on Christmas Eve. Freshford Mill was also flooded but I was unable to take photos on site. A careful comparison of other photos taken in 2012 will confirm that the level of flooding is higher in 2013.


Staples Hill the road leading into Freshford over the river Frome.

A "Smart" car imobilised in the flood


Rosemary lane by the Freshford Mill bridge - water level higher than in 2012


The highest level of flooding by Freshford Mill bridge since October 2008


Posted on 13 Jan 2014 by Geoff Edwards

Newts at Freshford Mill Island

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Great Crested Newt seen at Freshford Mill Island

The video has been uploaded to YouTube and is shown below:


The clue to the identity lies with the belly markings and colour when the newt rolls over. I presume that the crest is only visible when the newt is in water. This video was taken by a local naturalist it was unplanned and without the benefit of a tripod and optical stabilizing video camera feature, nether the less it is remarkable footage. For identification please see: BBC Nature Wildlife. The Great Crested Newt is protected under UK law and penalties are severe. Habitats must not be disturbed. Under the circumstances no one without authority should visit the site. for further information see: JPR Environmental Great Crested Newts

Posted on 28 Jul 2013 by Geoff Edwards

Freshford Mill flood 2012

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Freshford Mill flooded 25th November 2012

It has been four years since Freshford Mill has been flooded. Since that time work has been carried out and buildings have been developed in the flood plain. The photographs below show that the work has been a waste of time. Although Freshford had 149mm of rain in November 2012 the greatest since 2008 this amount of rainfall is not remarkable, some parts of the country have received that amount of rainfall overnight.  This flood is still considerably less than the flood that must happen when the tide at Avonmouth is at its highest and there is a heavy rainfall on waterlogged land.






Posted on 02 Dec 2012 by Geoff Edwards

Freshford Mill development plans to expand?

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Freshford Mill development expansion plans?

The Freshford Mill development has been STC (sold subject to contract) according to agents Davis and Way's advert:

Part of the attraction to a would be buyer is the following observation: "In the agent's opinion there maybe scope to alter the existing planning consent to provide further residential units (subject to planning consents)."

I think that local people will be very concerned that this unwelcome development is being marketed with this tempting statement to a would be developer. 



Posted on 05 Jul 2012 by Geoff Edwards

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