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Freshford Mill average rainfall update 2018

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 Rainfall Freshford Somerset: updated 31st December 2018 (update to include Jul 2019)
Although my measurements are not official I am closer to the location than the Met office's nearest station. Are we having more rainfall than in the past?   No see: Historic Rainfall Record Nearest Station Lyneham (1971-2000). The total average rainfall varies with no trend. The stats are for a period of ten years so any trend is unreliable but is improving. The total average rainfall compared to the Lyneham average is 60.9mm Lyneham to 50.8mm Freshford. These are very similar amounts but the graph for Freshford is more striking in its variation.  Both March and September tend to be drier with Freshford being slightly less dry, whilst November is wetter, a little less for 2018 .March rainfall for 2018 was actually a lot wetter than usual. Lyneham is not Freshford though and we may have a different amount of rainfall here anyway. However, we have not had more rainfall and snow than many other parts of the country.

Freshford has a mild climate. Even the high rainfall figures shown below are monthly figures whereas we hear quite frequently of that amount of rainfall falling over one day in many parts of the UK. If we did have a very heavy fall of rain together with a high tide at Avonmouth and if the ground were to be waterlogged, Freshford Mill would be again flooded and to a much higher level than in 2008. The 2008 flood was after a long period of rain, not a heavy deluge. The site has been flooded again in November 2012 see Freshford Somerset for photographs and December 2013 (no photos were taken on site owing to difficulty of access). There has been little opportunity to see the effect of the recent flood defences in place at Freshford Mill.

 The chart below is updated at the end of each month.

chart rainfall Freshford

 July rain 2019  total 25mm. Average rainfall 47.2mm. Next chart update end of August 2019

0mm  to date 01/08/2019.  Historic average  August 56.1mm  Rain is measured each morning but might be added later in the day. 1mm recordings or less are often carried forward.  It follows that the first day of the month loses its rainfall, if any, from midnight till when the reading is taken in the daytime as that rainfall if any, is added to the previous month's record. In practice if there is a lot of rain during the evening of the last day of the month I take a reading -but possibly not at midnight.

Posted on 03 Aug 2019 by geoff edwards

Freshford average rainfall

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Freshford Mill average rainfall December 2014 Update April 2015

The chart below shows the 20 years Lyneham average rainfall and Freshford rainfall average from 2009 to 2014 (six year period)  I have included average rainfall to 2015, obviously this data is not complete yet. For May 2015 I have only entered so far (5th) 39mm. Far from the average rainfall becoming flattened as more years are added to the data, the trend is portraying higher and lower rainfall. Please note that the graph for 2015 will overlay the 2014 Average as May to December data is zero.

What I do not know is whether the rainfall statistics for Freshford can be compared to Lyneham. I need to contact the Met office for that information.  A complete chart which is updated at the end of each month can be studied at: Freshford Mill rainfall

Posted on 03 Jan 2015 by Geoff Edwards

Housing development at Freshford Mill

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Freshford Parish Council's objection to the development at Freshford Mill

Reviewing the parish council's objection to Surrey and Counties planning application back in 2005 I do not see any reason why this housing development should be resurrected. This comment is almost enough in itself to dismiss the present forthcoming application:

1.3 The creation of a new solely residential settlement of the type proposed in this parish can only result in urbanisation of the countryside, an increase in car usage on the very poor local road system, and a further unbalancing of the community. We do not consider any of these results to be desirable in any terms. The only benefit arising from this application which is accepted by this Council would be the improvement in the landscape, but emphatically not at the cost of the arguments against the scheme which are set out in this document.

The full document published on the Freshford Mill website is linked to below:




Posted on 07 Oct 2014 by Geoff Edwards

Freshford Rainfall 2013 averages

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Freshford Mill average rainfall December 2013

The chart below shows the 20 years Lyneham average rainfall and Freshford rainfall average from 2009 to 2013 (five year period)  A complete chart can be studied at: Freshford Mill rainfall


Posted on 01 Feb 2014 by Geoff Edwards

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