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Roads and road rage
<H1>Roads and road rage and the economy</H1>
<P>With the failure of both Wiltshire and BANES to repair the damage to Staples Hill one might wonder how a proposal to spend over one million pounds on a foot bridge across the river Avon at Bradford on Avon can be justified. The damage to Staples Hill has been caused by heavy traffic including tracked vehicles weighing up to 28 tons. Most of that traffic is due to the development at Freshford Mill (but which has been much less than we feared as demolition waste was crushed and re-used on site). However there is an increase in heavy goods and other traffic due to being misguided by Satnav systems.</P>
<P>Staple Hill's road surface is so poor that local motorists will take a central position unless forced to do so by oncoming traffic. Poor cyclists have no choice but to go into the potholes, either stop or risk aggressive action by impatient if not ignorant motorists. At night the road is dangerous to cyclists. </P>
<P>One may question whether the financial crisis is real when one million pound is being seriously considered in the building of a footbridge over the river Avon at Bradford on Avon when basic road maintenance is being ignored.  And what is worse is that all that needs to be done at Bradford is to raise the pavement, which at present in some places is below the legal limit and add railings. There is no need for an additional bridge.  It seems to me that what we have to contend with is a bunch of crooks or ignoramuses. </P>
<P>As for the financial crisis the background to neglect of the roads due to money being gambled away. Who has been sacked in these National banks? I may be wrong but no one! One neighbour has been charged over £180 for being overdrawn (Lloyds bank) Hence my observation that these people are crooks. I'd sooner have government restored to the monarchy rather than this lot of either ignoramuses or at worst crooks.  <BR></P>
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Posted on 31 Oct 2009 by Geoff Edwards

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