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Freshford Mill update December 2011

Freshford Mill update December 2011

"Freshford Mill � Councillor Hugh Delap of Freshford Parish Council has been in contact with the YRD Freshford Ltd administrator. They have raised concerns over a Freshford website which
has un-factual information about the village in general and the Mill in particular posted on it. HD confirmed that this is nothing to do with the PC and is not endorsed by them." From freshford parish council minutes October 2011

Statement: although the website is not identified by name we have not received any requests from Freshford Parish council or any resident of Freshford to amend any content at any time on this website either recently or in the past.   Geoff Edwards Editorial team

Neighbourhood forums

The Localism Bill does promote neighbourhood forums but is somewhat unclear Neighbourhood planning changes in the Localism bill  This website does have a forum on which registered users may exchange views, publish articles, raise concerns and provides an opportunity for others to discuss these concerns. 

The website does thus provide a valuable service to the village and is part of the means be which residents may take part in the democratic process. The forum will of course contain expressions, opinions, and questions that may not be factual. Surely, the YRD Freshford Ltd adminstrator is not suggesting that unfavourable articles and comment be removed?  




Posted on 11 Dec 2011 by Geoff Edwards

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