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Hydro-electric generator noise

Generating power from rivers using Archimedean Screw generators: the Frome in Somerset -the Iford installation is it noisy?

Having had an email from Nick Stevens Chairman of Freshford Parish council that the Archimedean screw generator at Freshford Mill pond has not been approved yet, even though work has already been undertaken I decided to visit Iford where the same company (to be confirmed) that has designed the generator for Freshford has a completed installation. The video of that visit is below.


Archidean screw generator at Iford Somerset

There is hardly any additional noise other that the noise of the weir, which is completely acceptable in a riverside setting.  The "garden shed " that hides and is used to deaden the sound of the generator will blend in with its environment and could be partly hidden by natural planting of indigenous species of shrubs. In fact, at the time of my visit the concrete sides of the helical blades were decorated with icicles. Using my videocameras zoom lens results in an increase in the sound volume but this is equivalent to getting closer to the source of the sound. 

To return to the Freshford installation, the planning application is at BANES details:

11/05463/FUL � Hydro-electric scheme on the River Frome

"This hydroelectric scheme is sited at Farthingham Weir on the River Frome south east of the Freshford Mill site.  Its position is within the boundary of Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council, and it is for them to give a formal response to the proposals. Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council are due to meet next on Tuesday 14th February and I anticipate - I have not seen the Agenda - that this application will be before that meeting for consideration. "

". . .Since the site is only just over the Freshford boundary, and lies adjacent to Freshford Mill, Freshford Parish Council have a legitimate interest in making comment on the application.The application will be considered by the Parish Council at its meeting on Monday 13th January.

You may view the Application on the B&NES Planning Portal site.The period of consultation runs until the 1st March.The Application is under consideration and, contrary to what you say, has not been granted."  Nick Stevens Chairman Freshford Parish Council

My view is that if the proposed generator at Freshford Mill Pond will generate no more noise than the installation at Iford I would support it.

Posted on 18 Feb 2012 by Geoff Edwards

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