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Freshford Mill

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Newts at Freshford Mill Island

Great Crested Newt seen at Freshford Mill Island

The video has been uploaded to YouTube and is shown below:


The clue to the identity lies with the belly markings and colour when the newt rolls over. I presume that the crest is only visible when the newt is in water. This video was taken by a local naturalist it was unplanned and without the benefit of a tripod and optical stabilizing video camera feature, nether the less it is remarkable footage. For identification please see: BBC Nature Wildlife. The Great Crested Newt is protected under UK law and penalties are severe. Habitats must not be disturbed. Under the circumstances no one without authority should visit the site. for further information see: JPR Environmental Great Crested Newts

Posted on 28 Jul 2013 by Geoff Edwards

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