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Freshford Mill

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Housing development at Freshford Mill

Freshford Parish Council's objection to the development at Freshford Mill

Reviewing the parish council's objection to Surrey and Counties planning application back in 2005 I do not see any reason why this housing development should be resurrected. This comment is almost enough in itself to dismiss the present forthcoming application:

1.3 The creation of a new solely residential settlement of the type proposed in this parish can only result in urbanisation of the countryside, an increase in car usage on the very poor local road system, and a further unbalancing of the community. We do not consider any of these results to be desirable in any terms. The only benefit arising from this application which is accepted by this Council would be the improvement in the landscape, but emphatically not at the cost of the arguments against the scheme which are set out in this document.

The full document published on the Freshford Mill website is linked to below:




Posted on 07 Oct 2014 by Geoff Edwards

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