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Freshford average rainfall

Freshford Mill average rainfall December 2014 Update April 2015

The chart below shows the 20 years Lyneham average rainfall and Freshford rainfall average from 2009 to 2014 (six year period)  I have included average rainfall to 2015, obviously this data is not complete yet. For May 2015 I have only entered so far (5th) 39mm. Far from the average rainfall becoming flattened as more years are added to the data, the trend is portraying higher and lower rainfall. Please note that the graph for 2015 will overlay the 2014 Average as May to December data is zero.

What I do not know is whether the rainfall statistics for Freshford can be compared to Lyneham. I need to contact the Met office for that information.  A complete chart which is updated at the end of each month can be studied at: Freshford Mill rainfall

Posted on 03 Jan 2015 by Geoff Edwards

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