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Freshford Mill

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New Road Entrance Freshford Mill

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I thought the new entry to Freshford Mill would be shaped to deter residents and others from turning left to go up Rosemary lane. Well, in the absence of specific instructions from BANES Planning and the Highway Authority, the road has been made complete with drains and kerbstones and as one may see from the photograph below it will be quite easy for a vehicle to turn left and proceed up Rosemary lane and also come down Rosemary lane and enter the estate.

Posted on 02 Sep 2008 by Geoff Edwards

Freshford Mill a Sensitive and Sympathetic Development?

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Recently a hoarding was erected at Freshford Mill. I thought that planning permission had to be sought to do this? However as confirmed by the mock-up the hoarding shows what we feared most. That is that the new buildings will have little in common with the older buildings and with any houses in Freshford which are made almost exclusively of local stone.

The artist's rendition does not show the fact that the buildings will be raised three metres above the existing ground level to give a measure of protection against floods. These new buildings should be made of local stone and we do not see any justification for approving this development as it is currently proposed. These buildings look more like a development in Essex.

Posted on 17 Jul 2008 by Geoff Edwards

Telephone line to Freshford Mill a blot on the landscape

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I understand that the landscape by Freshford Mill bridge is going to be altered by the removal of trees to allow a new telephone line together with poles to be connected to the new development. When Peradins owned the mill site the telephone line was further up Rosemary lane and I don't see any goood reason why the line can't be restored to where it used to be. What I can imagine is a disturbance that could effect the beauty of this part of the river Frome landscape. The two photographs below show the existing beauty of the landscape.

The view up the river Frome from Freshford Mill bridge, which is an Ancient Monument, in July 2008. The view is not marred by telephone lines. Telephone lines are just one of the blights on the landscape of today.

The view down Rosemary lane near Freshford Mill bridge. The view is not marred at present (July 2008) by telephone lines and poles.

Posted on 17 Jul 2008 by Geoff Edwards

Freshford Mill Development Quality of Buildings

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I have been to the Freshford Fete today.  I suppose I was not surprised to learn that Ypres Rose the developer is generously supporting the fete. However, I saw a reminder that the new build would consist of buildings that in my opinion are not appropriate to this area of the country. The predominent building material in Somerset and Wiltshire is stone. So why are Ypres Rose allowed to build houses made of brick and block rendered walls and cedar cladding. Cedar cladding is quite popular in the United States as it is a cheap durable material. It is used on quality garden sheds but is hardly appropriate in the South West of England. The photograph below is of a garage in Sharpstone. I consider this building, even though it is a garage to be a fine building which is in harmony with its environment. It is not only a great pity that the buildings which I consider to be inferior in design at Freshford Mill have been approved by planning it also raises questions about the planning process.

Posted on 14 Jun 2008 by Geoff Edwards

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