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Healthy Diet Tool Introduction

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Healthy Diet  Excel Weekly Tool Introduction

Author Geoff Edwards. Its all my own work taking over ten years. This Microsoft Excel based tool is based on verifiable data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) . I was not employed to develop the tool. It just developed and I thought that if it was useful to me it could be useful to others.

Accompanying this introduction is a download to a PDF file that reports on the project: Healthy Diet  the rest of the website category "Healthy Diet" is provided as a report mainly on the development of the project and other topics. Reference:  The most definitive document on the topic of human nutrition is published by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations in conjunction with the WHO (World Health Organisation  Human Vitamin and Mineral Requirements

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central, 2019.

I have set up a Facebook page which provides opportunities for users to ask questions: Healthy Diet Calculator

Healthy diet updates are listed below.

Posted on 10 Jun 2018 by Geoff Edwards
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Healthy Diet Update

Excel Workbook Healthy Diet Record Tool: Update 2015v5

I have updated my Microsoft Excel Weekly Diet sheet as I found a few items that needed improvement. Existing users should download the new sheet. Please note that the existing issue with whether to record oil and butter consumption on a daily basis or weekly still persists. I have added Butter Spread separate to Butter. I have also added the fat content of Crisps to Cooking Oil. So if the user decides to eat a packet of crisps he or she will note that Cooking Oil is added to and shown on the pie chart.

It is important to note that the fat content of all foods listed is complete and is recorded each day. It would be possible to add additional worksheets for Nutrient content but this would be a lot of work. The Five a Day Portions helps to ensure that users can balance their diet.

Healthy Diet Excel Spreadsheet Weekly Record

For new users please note that as usual I complete my Sunday diet. That personal data can be deleted, it is only included to help users realize how the spreadsheet works.

For personal use you will need to alter the data referring to your: gender, age, present weight, height and level of activity.


Posted on 05 Oct 2015 by Geoff Edwards

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