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Pistachio Nuts & calories

Calorie content roasted pistachio nuts unshelled

I couldn't resist eating a whole packet of pistachio nuts last night. I had been ice skating and although I refrained from practising my double axels I was quite hungry. The nuts come from Iran and weigh 300 grams. As 40 grams of nuts yield 258 calories I thought how much of that 300gm is nut and how much shell. Googling my query resulted in finding, see source below, that about 54-59% of the product is kernel. Setting my diet spreadsheet input data to 56% resulted in finding that I had consumed enough nuts to provide 1084 calories!  Some snack :) Half a day's calories!

Naturally Open In-Shell Pistachios: Used purely as a snack, it is roasted in-shell. Open in-shell pistachios are mostly exported as raw dried, in bulk. Raw dried pistachios have a practically unlimited storage life, if stored in relatively dry conditions (only fumigation is needed). Kernel content is about 54-59%, depending on variety and annual fluctuations.

"Roasted pistachios are also exported. They also have a long shelf life as long as they are vacuumed or nitrogen flash packed.

On average, over 110,000 tons of naturally open in-shell pistachios are exported from Iran each year, with a market value of around USD 900 million. The top five markets for this product are: the Far East, the Middle East, the EU, CIS countries and the Indian subcontinent. " 


Posted on 10 Mar 2011 by Geoff Edwards

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