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Pancake chapattis?

Pancake Chapattis: Panchapatti

Or is it chapati or chaphati?  Buying a sack of chapatti flour from Tescos Online for about 50p a kg I thought that I need to use it within a reasonable amount of time, or share it with someone else. With this in mind I have been using chapatti flour - the manufactures spelling - as part of my pancake mix. According to my Google search chapatti flour is just a finer grade of whole grain flour. so why does it balloon out? Or more important what are these Panchapattis like?  I use all milk and an egg in the mix so these high carbohydrate pastries are high in calories and very tastie. Even so this is a cheap meal. I never get as far as adding savoury extras just adding lemon joice and a quarter teaspoon of sugar.  The trouble with pancakes is that if you cook then and store them to serve a littler later they tend to get a bit soggy. So I have found that my panchapattis are best finished under the grill and then stacked ready to serve.  I remember an incident in London at the Star Cafe in Old Compton Street where my friends and I were banned for repeatedly ordering pancakes. The chef thought we were, how should I say it "taking the ***" I wonder whether that cafe/ restaurant is still there? Probably not, nice food at a good price. Turkish or Greek I never knew who they were.

Posted on 18 Mar 2011 by Geoff Edwards

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