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Cooking chapattis

I usually cook chapattis in an omelette pan. I cook them on one side then place them under the grill to cook the other side. Depending on the dough mix the chapattis will be more or less soft. This is also a quick method and I do the same for cooking pancakes. I don't have gas.

Today I decided to grill a beefburger and as it's easy to clean and cooks both sides at once I decided to use my electric grill. then I thought why not also cook a couple of chapattis and make a "sandwich". The result of cooking chapattis in the electric grill is that they become "corrugated" in shape which makes them much stronger than when cooked flat.  I popped in some mustard - English of course and some fresh basil,   The resulting chapatti burger was nice and firm to eat. 


Posted on 31 Jul 2011 by Geoff Edwards

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