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Healthy diet 2014 update v2

Weekly diet Excel worksheet 2014v2

I have made a slight alteration to v1. I have added two references to cooking oil. Rapeseed oil  and also Olive Oil. I use both. Often oil is used in cooking but not entirely consumed. However, it is is usual to allow for both oils. I usually add oil consumption just once a week. Now I add oil consumption twice a week one is for Rapeseed oil the other for Olive oil.

I have updated my Weekly diet sheet. I have added units of alcohol. The spreadsheet provides valuable information about the proprtion of food and drink and its fat, protein and calorie content. It is meant to be used daily to record what is eaten and drunk. Anyone intent on losing weight should be able to check the progress they are making and be aware of whether they are consuming enough protein and fat. The formula for determining bodily requirements is calculated using the Harris-Benedict formula. The Microsoft Excel workbook free download: Weekly diet calculator

Please note I have added my food and drink consumption for Sunday and some of my food and drink for Monday. The reason being that users can see clearly how the list creates the pie chart. This data can be deleted and personal details changed according to the users age, gender, height and level of activity. Sunday's date will need to be changed.

My procedure is to open the spreadsheet and then save it with Sunday's date. I then delete the previously entered data in order to start afresh. The spreadsheet will not reflect you requirements without adding details of your: gender, level of physical activity, age and present weight.

Posted on 23 Feb 2014 by Geoff Edwards
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