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Healthy Diet update 2015v2

Weekly Healthy Diet Excel worksheet update 2015v2

My healthy diet workbook consists of three worksheets: Weekly diet, Protein, Fat and Portions. As far as possible my data is accurate. However, errors can be made.

I have updated my Weekly diet sheet.  I found two errors in the Fat spreadsheet. The spreadsheets provides valuable information about the proportion of food and drink and its fat, protein and calorie content. Units of alcohol maybe recorded and you can check to see how many recommended portions of food you are eating. The errors I found were in Onions and Chicken. Onions have 0.1 gm of fat, chicken has 13gm of fat - the latter is  from Wikipedia (according to the parts of the chicken and the way it is cooked this figure will vary quite widely).

The spreadsheet is meant to be used daily to record what is eaten and drunk. Anyone intent on losing weight should be able to check the progress they are making and be aware of whether they are consuming enough protein and fat. Surprisingly, we need a little more fat than protein.

There are dangers to health if a person following a diet doesn't eat enough fat. there are numerous articles on this issue. I have data for tablespoons/weight for butter, rapesead  and olive oil. I use a butter spread on bread 70% butter 30% vegetable oil. Rapeseed and olive oil are used in cooking so some is discarded. I also add a couple of ounces of butter to my home made bread. To record how much fat as butter or oil I weigh my containers - two sprinklers for the oil and a tub of butter spread and then add the weekly amount at the end of the  week. To add the consumption of oil daily would be impractical. I have thought of  averaging the total consumption of these fats over the week but have not worked out a way to do this as other users may prefer to add consumption daily.

The spreadsheet can of course be used for body building as well as losing weight safely :) 

Download link: Excel Weekly diet sheet calculator

The downloaded file should be opened and then Saved As with the currrent date for Sunday. This prevents the danger of overwriting the downloaded file. For example: diet weekly sheet 22nd  Mar 2015.

Posted on 22 Mar 2015 by Geoff Edwards
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