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Greens or rather collard greens

Eat your greens!

I remember that the phrase "eat your greens" was part of my childhood upbringing. The danger of cooking greens is to overcook them which spoils their flavour and affects their nutritional value.

Are greens a super food?

The link to a quite impressive web site: The World's Healthiest Foods

  does suggest that collard greens should be regarded as a super food.

Greens can be very tasty

I didn't realise how nice they are, they are surprisingly sweet. I eat a 500gm a week and also eat broccoli. I steam them. My cat is very choosy and tends to prefer poultry, a  turkey drumstick in preference to chicken pieces. when I cook for my cat I also cook for me. I now eat much more poultry than red meat. Rather than cook a lot of vegetable to go with the turkey or chicken I usually just cook greens and make an onion sauce. I also add some chutney to the meat, and I heat the chutney up.

Posted on 11 Jul 2015 by Geoff Edwards
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