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Healthy Diet update v23

Healthy Diet Excel spreadsheet Weekly Diet Tool 2018v23

I have updated the Weekly Healthy Diet Tool. Two new entries are Cider and a Custom Percentage for Beer.  I have also amended some of the cell notes and corrected a small error in the percentage of alcohol consumed. The water content of beer is 522ml per 568ml (pint) not 568ml this error has been amended.

The Custom Percentage calculator for beer requires to first add the quantity to the spreadsheet and then go to the Beer spreadsheet which is located after the Zinc tab. In the Beer sheet select the day of the week for the beer consumed and then enter the volume and the percentage. As the spreadsheet calculates in units of a pint (568ml) adjustment may be used to correct the water content.(only alter the Green cells)

I have also realized that it is not necessary to add the consumption of butter and butter spread, oils and lard as the food list takes into account whether these ingredients are used or not. It is still useful to record these fats though and I intend to continue to record the quantities but just in the Notes column.
Updated spreadsheet

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Posted on 10 Mar 2018 by Geoff Edwards

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