Freshford Memorial Hall & Proposed Shop Location

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Videos of the Freshford Memorial Hall Location

The following videos are of the Freshford Somerset and Wiltshire impact on the environment of the location of the Freshford Memorial Hall that was approved by B&NES Planning in the 1960's. At present (February 2008) an application for building a village shop is being opposed by B&NES Planning as creating an impact on the protected environment - the Green Belt- that is unacceptable. These videos show that the existing village hall and the proposed village shop is invisible, even in Winter, from visitors to this area of what must be admitted to be an outstanding area of natural beauty, not only in the UK but within the EU.

Map of the Proposed Location of the Shop

The map below, courtesy of Google, has several red crosses being locations from which video films were made. The blue circle shows an approximate location of the proposed village shop, this is good enough for establishing that the proposed shop's location does not have an undesirable impact on the landscape. In fact Freshford Memorial Hall and the proposed village shop is invisible from nearly all of the various viewpoints from which the videos were filmed. Please note that these videos were made in February and at this time of year, when there are only leaves on coniferous trees, the cover provided by trees is at it minimal effect. To access each video click on the red crosses in the maps.

To view a Google map of the centre of the village: click here