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Galleries shop and village hall

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Freshford Somerset Village Hall development

I recently voted in favour of the proposed Freshford village hall development. However, I did add some comments. I think that the new development should not reduce the space for cars and other vehicles which is at present pressed for space. The inclusion of a doctors surgery will mean that visitors will increase.
Public transport alone will not be able to supply a suitable service with a trip time of one and half hours between buses. 
When I moved to Freshford I registered with the Combe down Surgery in Bath. Provided I can still drive to the surgery I will not change my surgery. If like others I may only be able to walk to a surgery I will have to rely on family or friends. In the mean time for those who can drive and who are registered with the Freshford surgery it is important to ensue that people can park their car in the Village Hall car park. The plans for the redevelopment do encroach on the present parking space.

To increase the parking space or at least ensure that it is not reduced in this important development there needs to be a change in the architects plans. There is no functional reason for having a veranda, is there? Similarly the porch is massive. I presume that the structural framework is timber? But why paint them black?

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Geoff Edwards

Bath & North East Somerset Planning and Freshford

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Apparently according to B&NES Planning Freshford Village Memorial Hall is not in Freshford. 

 Apparently some councillors at the meeting of the Development Control Committee in Bath yesterday were not able to view my video films of every conceiveable place from which to view the proposed site of our new community shop. Even though a DVD copy of the videos was sent to B&NES Planning.

So I must presume that my evidence, which is undeniable, that the existing Freshford Memorial Hall is not or hardly visible (and the location of the proposed shop) from any location other than almost directly in front of it was not allowed to be viewed by the committee members. And did those that are not in favour of the proposal actually go on a site visit?  If they did I wouldn't have thought they would have worn suitable footware to view the site from the footpaths.

Perhaps I should have emailed the committee members with the link to this website or post them a copy of the videos on DVD.

Shop Location

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Development Control: Support Application:  07/03529/OUT

Further to my last comment on this application I would like to add that I have taken a video camera up to the proposed location of our village shop and post office. The reason that I decided it was necessary to use a video camera is because I was surprised to read the adverse comments made on the application by the Landscape Architect and Conservation officer. In particular that by the conservation officer: "that a building of this size cannot fail to have an impact on the open character of this area"

I disagree. I have found that the existing village hall is either invisible or hardly visible from a number of locations that are open to the public: the footpaths to and from this part of Freshford lane and most of Freshford Lane. Since the proposed location of the shop is by the corner of Galleries field immediately adjoining Freshford Memorial Hall car park, it follows that if the hall is not visible, then surely the proposed shop would be also, certainly that corner of Galleries field is either invisible or hardly visible. Unless of course if one was immediately in front of it. The videos may accessed at:    Videos of location of Shop

I shall also post a DVD containing the ten videos to Planning.

Geoff Edwards

Video Survey of the Location of the Proposed Freshford Village Shop

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This is just a note to inform villagers, planners and those who are searching the Internet that a video survey of the visibility of Freshford Memorial Hall and the proposed new village shop has been completed. and can be seen at: Freshford Video Survey

Letter in Support of Village Shop Planning Application

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I have published my comments on the planning application below:

Although a Wilsthire resident I live closer to Freshford village centre than to Westwood. To save fuel I would prefer to shop in Freshford as it is only a short walk away. The proposed application does provide parking for those who need to do more shopping and who are dropping off or collecting children from the school. This will reduce the congestion along Freshford Lane.  As the proposed shop is located adjoining the Freshford Memorial Hall and is close to a children's playground the shop will foster community relations and reduce the risk to children from traffic. I don't think that the location  of the shop would detract from the appearance of the neighbourhood.

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