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Westbury Bratton White Horse

Panning the Google map centred on Freshford can be used to view anywhere. Although this use of the Google map may not be convenient it is useful. I wanted to view the White Horse over at Bratton and its surrounding  ancient earth works. However, I discovered that the white horse looks surprisingly accurate from the Google map which is of course a satellite view, but don't take my word for it view it below:  Use the + button to zoom in the ( *!*!*) marker will then reduce in size

View Larger Map  The horse is very accurate from the satellite view isn't it? Much more than from the ground. The horse is simply colossal, (55m x 52m) (180ft x 170ft) which means that its accuracy from the air is incredible. It was remodelled in 1768 -long before aircraft could help to confirm its shape.  For further information visit: Wiltshire White Horses an excellent site!

Posted on 17 Aug 2008 by Geoff Edwards
by geoff edwards @ 01 Aug 2009 03:24 pm
by boozer @ 01 Aug 2009 03:58 pm
nice wheres the nearest pub?
by nutcase @ 01 Aug 2009 04:09 pm
I bet it was spruced up over the years by airmen
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